Stars and Stripes Sale
May 1, 2021 at 12:30

Bred Heifers:

MVS Georgia G2 ASA#3654162
A double black double polled Sim Angus heifer bred up for a fall calf due 22 Sept, 2021. Georgia carries above average EPDs for calving ease and birthweight and ranks in the top 24% for weaning and calving weight for her calves. Bred AI on 11 Dec 2020 to TJ Cowboy Up 529 B(ASA #3654162). She has been tested safe in calf with no exposure to other bulls.
Birth date 9/19/2019 birth weight 75 weaning weight 774
yearling weight 1121


MVS Gina G3 ASA33654161

A double black-double polled purebred heifer bred up gor an early fall calf due 18 Sept 2021. Gina ranks in the 15th percentile for calving ease and ranks 25% for birth weight. Bred AI on 7 December 2020 to GW Triple Crown 018C(ASA#2954741). Gina is tested safe in calf to the AI date. No exposure to other bulls.
birth date 9/21/2019 birth weight 74 weaning weight 774
yearling weight 1086

MVS Guinevere G7 ASA#3654160
A double black double polled bred Purebred heifer ranking in the top 10% and top 3% nationally for Calving ease and birthweight EPD's. Her sire Koch Big Timber685D who currently ranks 4th on ASA's list of Top 50 bulls used over the past year. Her young dam is out of Steve Watson's Rocky Hills Farm in Dawsonville , Georgia and is one of our favorites. Guinevere is safe in calf to a planned mating on Christmas Day 2020 by our bull MVS Gunter G5(ASA#3654165) also featured in this sale. Projected EPD's for this calf due Oct 6 2021 rank in the top 10% for calving ease and all purpose Index and top 5% for birth weight.
birth date 10/11/2019 birth weigh 70 weaning weight 650
yearling weight 1019 IN 25 Dec 2020, OUT 27 December 2020


MVS Gabriel G1 ASA#3654166
A nicely put together long yearling bull, semen tested and ready to go to work. 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus, heterozygous black and double polled. He ranks Nationally in the top 3rd for calving ease. His sire and grandsire are breed-wide favorites Remington Lock N Load and W/C Rapid Fire Human friendly.
birth date 9/18/2019 birth weight 77 weaning weight 818
yearling weight 1330


MVS Gunther G5
Another Long yearling, semen tested and ready to go to work. He is 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus, heterozygous black and double polled. He is sired by the National high producing bull GW Triple Crown018C He also ranks in the top third nationally for calving ease and weaning weight . Our confidence in him is such that we bred him to our G7 heifer , also in this sale. Human friendly.
birth date 9/22/2019 birthweight 79 weaning weight 788
yearling weight 1251



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