Situated four miles west of Gettysburg on sixty acres of rolling farm land overlooking South Mountain, Mountain View Farm was originally contained within the 43,500 acre Manor of Maske established in the mid-1700’s by William Penn. Lying within eyesight of the Gettysburg battlefield of the American Civil War, the farm was probably occupied by elements of the Confederate Army during the first week of July 1863. In the mid-twentieth century 111 acres of the present and adjoining acreage came into the possession of Roy C. Carbaugh who operated a dairy on the land.
In 1999 the Vossler’s purchased the remaining sixty acres of the Carbaugh farm and began preparations for the present day beef cattle operation. The first task was to move and rehabilitate a 110-year-old bank barn and build a new residence. Then new pastures were established and fenced. Finally the first dams of the present purebred Simmental herd were acquired and the cow-calf operation is now in full production.
Since inception, Mountain View Farm bred progeny have been sold to beef cattle producers in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New York and Pennsylvania.
Because of the limited acreage on the farm and nearby summer pastures, the Simmental herd at Mountain View Farm will remain small in numbers but the focus is on quality animals with the best possible genetics. There is little room for experimentation or mistakes. Dams and sires are carefully selected to insure an elite calf crop each year. Moreover, the smaller herd enables close attention to detail with each and every animal. In this way consistent production of top-flight representatives of the Simmental breed is assured.
After spending thirty years as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army, Tom decided to extend his Army learned work ethic into raising cattle. He and Barbara settled in the Gettysburg area and established Mountain View Farm. With nineteen household moves in thirty years, they are proud to claim the states of Georgia, Texas, Washington, Nebraska, Maryland, New York and Virginia as their home at one time or another. While operating the farm and tending to the cattle herd occupy the majority of their time, Tom also works part-time in the summer months as a Licensed Battlefield Guide on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Those who have toured the battlefield with Tom know of his ability to portray the battle through a soldier’s eyes, while giving due recognition to both Union and Confederate forces. Barbara works off the farm as a real estate agent when she is not helping with those chores necessary to maintain a healthy cattle herd.
Tom is Vice President of the Pennsylvania Simmental Association, and he currently serves as a director of the Pennsylvania Cattleman’s Association and the Pennsylvania Beef Council. Tom and Barbara are also involved in committee work at their church and in preservation work on the Gettysburg battlefield and adjacent Eisenhower Farm. They have two grown sons, Andy who lives in Western New York State with his wife and two children and Kurt who works in the Camp Hill PA area.




  Given our facilities and management philosophy, we have two calf crop cycles a year, one in the late winter/early spring and one in the early fall with the herd dams scheduled to give us a 50-50 solution each cycle. This division of work and effort then follows thru to the other calf management activities: vaccinations, weaning, halter breaking, breeding of the first calf heifers, etc. All calves, heifers, bulls and steers, undergo ultrasound carcass data collection within the 300 to 440 day window prescribed by the American Simmental Association (ASA).  





Going back to Miss Emily, Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf at the Dixie Nationals in 2003, our production of quality open and bred heifers has been consistent and constant, a true reflection of the desirable phenotype for which their dams and sires were selected.

Since 2003, long-yearling and two-year bulls bred, born and raised at Mountain View Farm have been the top sellers in each of the sales in which they have been sold. That is no understatement when there were thirty to sixty bulls offered in each of the sales. Our boys tend to be well muscled but moderate in frame score with sound feet and legs, and well proportioned in terms of length to depth of body. All are semen tested prior to being offered for sale.




Our animals are sold principally at national level sales such as the Gettysburg Stars and Stripes Sale which is held annually the 2nd Sat. in May on our farm here in Gettysburg. We will be selling at the Virginia Beef Expo sale and also the Pennsylvania Simmental Fall Harvest Sale and Spring Expo Sale. Private treaty sales are welcome. Please call and come by our farm and make us an offer we cannot refuse.



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